Premier Shed-Antler Tool

More than your average sticker - the SMG is a durable, weather resistant tool, comprised of thick vinyl, with the clean matte finish you love. We designed the Shed Mass Gauge with the antler-lover in mind, engineered to scale for a near-perfect reference of antlers from 3” to 9” in mass. Sizing up at 12” x 3.5”, the SMG was made to be stuck where it’ll stand out - like your cooler, bumper or bow case. Perfect for measuring antlers fresh off the trail or truck-side with your shed hunting buddies.


Premier Shed-Antler Tool

As much as finding and displaying antler is about keeping the memory alive, we'd all be lying if we said score doesn't matter. Every antler-lover needs a tape measure to put some numbers on a score sheet.

Our SHED SEASON Logo Tape Measure's are perfect for measuring found sheds, or harvested bucks in the field or at the barn.